Everything you need to know about WPdocker

What is WPdocker?



WPdocker is a software as a service (SaaS) automation platform that allows you to make $$$ monthly by offering your themes & plugins in a fully hosted 1-click white labeled website direct from your own website.

Meanwhile, WPdocker manages everything for you, including server set up, launching & maintaining customer websites, automatically installing your theme & plugins, upgrading WordPress, and customer support.

Who is WPdocker?

WPdocker is a team of advanced container hosting experts dedicated to bringing theme & plugin authors as well as WordPress agencies a simple solution for 1-click, fully hosted, fully managed WordPress websites direct from your website.

With WPdocker, instead of just selling themes & plugins, you can now sell an entire, live, and optimized website with your themes & plugins automatically installed in just 1-click. We manage the rest. All while you generate monthly recurring revenue from the hosting – every month.

Our goal is to help WordPress developers generate recurring monthly revenue while freeing customers from having to manually install and manage their website with your theme.

What do you get with WPdocker?

What you get:

  • $$$ every month on all websites enabled with your themes.
  •  You set & control the monthly pricing for your hosted themes.
  • By just adding a ‘Buy 1-click hosting’ button on your website.
  • All at $0 cost.

We do the rest:

  • We manage all customer trials and signups on your behalf.
  • We manage all the billing and invoicing on your behalf.
  • We manage everything about the website including all upgrades.
  • We give you full transparency to signups & revenue.
How does it work?

We are using advanced docker container technology and our exclusive enterprise level software as a service automation platform to power everything.

Essentially we can run WordPress and everything powering WordPress together in a container as an application which can be saved, and duplicated.

How much does it cost?

Our entire software automation platform is free to use. Our goal right now is to make key partnerships with early adopters.

How much do I get paid?

You set your own pricing, and receive whatever you decide to charge minus agreed upon container costs. See pricing page for more info.

When and how do I get paid?



We currently issue payment at the end of the month via transfer. However, we are working on a split pay solution to be able to pay developers sooner.

Is it secure?

Yes. We’re already using this system for other enterprise level applications with revenue in the millions.

Is it production ready?


Who is hosting it?

We have server partners we work with who are hosting the docker instances currently. Although our platform is actually host agnostic.

Can I use my own host?

Our platform is hosting agnostic, and we can deploy docker instances on just about any hosting provider. However, for some WordPress hosts proper integration partnerships may be required between us and the hosting companies before we can guarantee successful deployments.

Deploying to private servers including a VPS, or cloud solution such as AWS is entirely possible.

Who owns the client?

You do. While our customer management system does handle payment processing, you still own your customer. We are simply providing the hosting infrastructure, and automation platform.

How do you add a theme or new application?

You can create or upload your themes / plugins / applications and offer it to your customers as follows:

1. Login to your account using the credentials emailed to you in your registration email.

2. Follow the 3 simple steps on your account dashboard to get your first application up and running. Note: In the first step the “Add Application” process may take a few seconds to complete so please wait for the browser window to refresh.

3. On the Application screen that follows right click on the “Web Link” url and select “Open in New Tab”. WordPress applications come pre-installed so access the login screen by putting /wp-login.php at the end of the web link in the address bar and login with the application username and password from the platform administration panel. Once you are logged into WordPress you can install your theme / plugin / app as you would with any WordPress install. For other application types you can use the “SSH Command” and “SSH Password” fields to access your instance and install your application via the command line (Note: It may be useful to type sudo -i and re-enter your SSH password after you SSH to your instance to ensure you have the required permissions to install your application). If you need to edit your application code directly you may do so via the built in IDE by clicking on the “Code Editor” tab and using the “App Default User” and “App Default Password” to login. Note: The Stratus5 platform uses the Codiad IDE, for more information on how to use the editor please refer to http://codiad.com/.

4. Once you are happy with your newly installed application return to the Stratus5 admin panel and click “Save Image” under the Actions button. To release this version to your live environment select “Release” from the dropdown beside the title of your saved image. Your theme / plugin / application is now ready to offer to your end customers.

5. Finally we need to configure the price we would like to offer our application to our end customers. To do this select Revenue -> Price Plans from the left navigation menu and click on the default price plan that was created for your application. Edit any of the fields here and when you are ready save it and select “Go to Signup Page” from the actions dropdown. To offer your application from your own website simply copy this URL and paste it into your own website where you would like your customers to sign up from.

If you need to make any changes to your application at any time simply repeat steps 3 and 4 above.

Before you “go live” you will need to complete the tasks in red on your dashboard. Once all tasks are completed your account will be automatically switched to a live state and you will be ready to start on-boarding customers and taking payment for your offering.

How do I get in touch with you?